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NEWS Bulletins!!

Issue 4 Release Date: November 18th 2014
Issue 4 Submission Deadline: November 1st 2014


:bulletred: LANGUAGES



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Imagine a magazine that is a culmination of different universes, dimensions and worlds, where every page turn engulfs you in a different world to explore. Where creators are free to interpret the connecting theme however they like, using their pages as a blank canvas to show the world what they have created. And together encourage and build motivation and inspiration to all those involved. This is a dream I hope to make reality...

It is a group used to inspire creativity, and help creators thoroughly develop their worlds and species together!
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Art Creation

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OK I got a few suggestions and concerns after my last post and so there are a few things I want to share here:

1. Creators - we need more. I think the more people we have to participate, the less stress each creator will have when they can't come up with something for a theme. I've already opened up to species creators, so it should just be a matter of finding and recruiting the people. And I need help finding more people.

2. There was a thought to do a freestyle theme, but I honestly don't want to loose the central connection of all the creators in each issue. But rather, I feel that instead of the 'prompts' that we were doing along with the theme, I'll introduce a Freestyle pass type of thing, where if you want to participate but can't come up with something for the theme, you can use a freestyle pass and contribute something about your world that you would like to share and doesn't have to be on the theme. But I want to reiterate that the purpose of the themes and the magazine in general is to stretch your building of your world. The themes are supposed to get you thinking about aspects of your world (or species) that you wouldn't normally take note of

3. Concern for busier creators. The only thing I can think of for this is to make the 2 page rule down to 1 page, so that busier creators can scale down to just one page if they want, while others can still do 2.

4. Expectations: Ok  I can do better on this one...see below:

Sooooo with all of that said, I'm going to back up to Issue 4 and Reopen it with a February 1st Due Date.

Issue 4 Theme is Languages

-Do any of the races in your world have languages?
-Maybe there are ancient symbols scribed somewhere that characters have to solve or translate...
-Are there phrases or things that sound the same but don't mean the same thing in your world as it does in ours? For example, in my world a "Blue Collar Worker" is a member of Blue's Spectrum that is actually an Architect. Here on Earth, though, it means a working class person that does manual labor.
-If your races don't have their own language, do any of the animals make any sort of unique sounds? Do they mean something (like a rooster crow is a early morning wake up call) Maybe the wind blowing through certain flora make song...
-Was there a language and now its extinct? What happened to it?
-Is there a character that is unusually silent? Or always speaks in rhymes or riddles?
-Is there anything significant about naming each other or the naming of plants and/or animals. Is there a ritual attached?

New Rules
1. You can do 1 or 2 pages
2. If you can't come up with something for the theme you may use a Freestyle Pass and tell about something unique to your world or species. But you MUST put the label "Freestyle" somewhere on your submission
3. Also your submission can go as indepth or as simple as you like (another option for busier creators). If say for example you have this tomb with mystery symbols on it and want to use that for this issue, you could just draw someone exploring it and not put any words about it at all... especially if talking about it would be a major spoiler. You might just focus on the characters thoughts. In other words, every submission doesn't have to have a plethora of information.

Let me know if this helps!
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